What does Proverbs 3:5-6 mean is that we are to trust God with all our hearts and not depend on what we know ??. At all times, include God in everything you do, and this way, you give Him a chance to keep you on the right track. You may not always know what lies ahead.

The general application of these verses is that in any given situation, trust Our Lord because He knows what to do. You donít always know what to do, and relying on your wisdom or intelligence will mislead you. When you involve God in every action step you take to rectify a situation, you will arrive at the right solution.

The world has taught us that we are very capable of handling anything that comes our way. Many of the methods donít include the power of God ?, but that of man. As a child of God, put your trust in Him instead of the many ways of the world (Psalm 20:7).

When you trust in God with all your heart, it means that you leave no room for doubt. You believe what He says because you know He is always right and will never deceive you. God sees the bigger picture and therefore knows what lies ahead of you and what you donít see. Trust in God in every situation and relationship in your life.

Trusting God comes naturally when you know Him and how He works. Itís hard to trust someone you donít know and canít rely on. God is trustworthy and faithful and has proven Himself throughout the Bible. When you spend time to read the scriptures, you will know God and His ways and be familiar with His will. ??

God expects that you will trust Him with all your heart, not just a part of it ?. When we donít trust Him wholeheartedly, we question His abilities and tuck in a Plan B, just in case He doesnít come through. Put your complete trust in God knowing He wonít let you down.
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