In the Summer of 2022 instead of taking the customary hiatus from Bible study, Pastor Richard L. Bratton Jr. was impressed to have condensed online check-ins for the purpose of maintaining fellowship among the attendees as well as offer an "open-mic" of sorts for anyone to share any commentary from their personal time of devotion.  These brief interactions soon became known as a time of Connection and Reflection. The content in this section is the result of those moments and we pray it blesses you. 

Week 10: Your Labor is Not in Vain


Week 5-6: Reflections from 1samuel 3

JULY 2022

Week 1: Praise God Always

Week 2: God is Working Out His Plan

Week 3: Living by the Word

Week 4: Action Steps to Doing All things through Christ
Week 7 The Benefits of Solitude

Week 8: The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength

Week 9: The Cost of Following Jesus